Outfit // Another day out

I have a lot of movie nights, and I just love to dress up for them. So that’s were most of my outfits come from! Here another outfit I wore at a movie night!


This time we went to the cinema to watch the new horror movie called Evil Dead. It wasn’t as good as I hoped, and I didn’t like the make-up that much. I hope Ghost House will do a better job next time, but ever since The Grudge 3, I think they went down hill! I won’t spoiler that much, for the ones of you that are still going to watch the movie!

Me and my friends had lots of fun that evening, and actually were more laughing our asses off then actually being scared by the movie. We want to go to Haunting in Georgia next, ever since we saw Haunting in Conecticut!

Outfit rundown:
Dress – Newyorker / Cropped top – Thrifted / Tights – One Euro store / Flats – Thrifted
Bracelet – Forever21 / Armwarmer – Thrifted / Necklace – Local store

I kinda like this outfit, though my tights were destroyed at the end of the evening because some jerk dropped his chewing gum on it. And I can tell you, that’s one hell to get off your tights! But I’ve got another pair just like it at home, so no biggy!

Just showing off my make-up! I went with my basic make-up again; some foundation, black eyeshadow, black eyepencil, nothing really fancy.

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One Response to Outfit // Another day out

  1. unrealist91 says:

    looks nice 🙂 love the nail polish 😀

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