Outfit // Just Casual

Today I didn’t really feel like dressing up. And guess what? Again, I went to the cinema. I am such a movie freak!


These are my favorite studded boots. I wear them way too much, so they are a bit beat up, as you can see. But they walk perfectly, except I’m barely able to walk on any kind of heels, and fall down. (Though, high soles aren’t a problem at all.)


Outfit Rundown:
Shirt – Local store / Jeans – H&M / Blouse – Thrifted / Shoes – Van Haren
Choker – Claires / Necklace – Local store / Bracelet – Self made.

Sorry that the picture is a bit over-lighted. I have a not-so-light picture, but it isn’t as good. Will add it anyway!


As you can see, not so good as the former one. But when I returned from the cinema, it was way too dark to make pictures.

We went to Scary Movie 5, it was hilarious! Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. But I like the scary movie-series anyways. I wonder how much are there to come!

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One Response to Outfit // Just Casual

  1. unrealist91 says:

    Love the outfit!! 😀

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