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Moved -> Art of Being Weird!

I moved to another blog! You can now find me on: Advertisements

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Outfit // Back in action!

It’s been a while since I posted something on this blog, but I’ve been busy the past few months and I’ve been on vacation. But today I went shopping with my good friend, Brian, and bought some new awesome clothing! … Continue reading

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Outfit // Just Casual

Today I didn’t really feel like dressing up. And guess what? Again, I went to the cinema. I am such a movie freak!

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Outfit // I <3 my attitude problem

Had a really fun day with some friends today! So I dressed up and went out! And guess what? It turned out to be another movie night!

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Tumblr Tuesday #2

Another Tumblr Tuesday! Enjoy my favorites of this week!

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Outfit // Another day out

I have a lot of movie nights, and I just love to dress up for them. So that’s were most of my outfits come from! Here another outfit I wore at a movie night!

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Lately I have been watching Grimm. It’s a serie that’s on the dutch television right now, but I watch it online.

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